Coppens Gardon Micro Pellets 1.5mm


Coppens Gardon Micro Pellets

Coppens Gardon Micro Pellets  are very dark brown almost reddish in colour.

Packed with tasty, nutritious components targeted as a feed for all fish. Very palatable ingredients such as fish meal, fish oil and several different grains like corn create a very attractive bait.

Available in 1.5mm.

Further information can be found on the product leaflet here

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Coppens Gardon Micro Pellets

Coppens Gardon Micro Pellets are water stable, allowing them to disperse on the lake bed as whole pellets.

The Gardon micro pellets are a high protein, fish meal based pellet with the added attraction of natural fish oils leaving a lasting flavour trail.

The pellets are ideal as feed pellets.

Due to their high protein content and size, Gardon are an ideal feed for growing fish.

Protein Content                          40%

Fat Content                                 10%

Fibre Content                              1.2%

Crude Ash Content                     6.9%

***If ordering less than a full bag, your order will come in our own plain packaging***

***This product may contain traces of nuts – as our unit stores nut products***

Larger quantities are available, please contact us if you require larger orders.

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